"As a teenager I lived in a foreign country where I visited a local
dentist who drilled several cavities and applied amalgam fillings. I
have been self-conscious about my "metal mouth" and nervous about
visiting a dentist ever since then.  All of that changed when I found
Dr. Gene Sheinkman.  He made me feel comfortable right away and
promised that I would experience minimal pain.  After 3 hours in the
chair I had an all new smile filled with porcelain.  Now nobody can
tell that I ever had a cavity. I look forward to seeing Dr. Sheinkman
again for maintenance and cleaning of my beautiful new white smile."
Isaac Bruck MD
"It was a lucky day for me when I found Dr. Sheinkman.  He is so 
skilled and gentle, attempting in every way to make me comfortable
and feel secure.  He and his Staff member have always made every 
effort to see me whenever I have called.  They have consistently 
been there for me."
"I've been a patient of Dr.G.Sheinkman for two years and had only 
positive experience.  I've received several dental procedures that 
improved my smile and process of chewing.  Dr.Sheinkman performed
two surgical procedures, called ''bone grafting'' to support two
implants. It was successfully done and there was enough bone to 
place two dental implants. Now it feels and looks like my own teeth.
This is excellent dental restoration. Dr.G.Sheinkman also replaced 
a missing tooth by fabricating all porcelain bridge, did root canal
treatment and a ceramic crown to restore a tooth. Dr.Sheinkman 
provided wonderful service, using latest dental technologies. He
is highly skilled professional dentist, knowledgeable in his field.
Good dental health and beautiful smile, these are the qualities 
you will find in his dental practice. His office is friendly
and welcoming. I would recommend him to anyone".

Marina K

"Dear Dr.Sheinkman,

Just wanted to say a special thank You for the marvelous work
you did for me on my Teeth and Bridges. You are an extraordinary Professional
as is your Assistant and I am most grateful to you…

Most Sincerely,

Elizabeth C."

Turtle Bay, Midtown, Midtown East Dentist

Gene Sheinkman DDS PC

249 East 48 Street

New York, NY 10017

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