Composite Restorations

Composite Filling or tooth colored restorations are becoming a new standard in restorative dentistry.Along with new micro-hybrid composite properties such as tooth-like appearance, strength and better handling, there are great advances in bonding(adhesive) technology. That makes new generation of composite restorations, materials of choice when restoring small or even large cavities.

Case 1:



Case 1 Before Case 1 After

10 yo child fractured anterior teeth

after composite bonding

Case 2:

Case 2 Before Case 2 After

Extensive decay of a molar of this young teenager caused by enamel hypoplasia (abnormal formation of enamel)

Molar restored with composite bonding

Case 3:

Case 3 Before Case 3 After

Enamel hypoplasia caused defective enamel in a molar of a teenager

Molar of a young teenager restored with direct composite bonding filling

Case 4:

Case 4 Before Case 4 After

Cavity in tooth 10

Tooth 10 rstored wtih composite bonding

Case 5:



Case 5 Image 1 Case 5 Image 2  

Discolored composite filling

After tooth 10 composite bonding restored


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