Laser Dentistry

For patients who do not look forward to needles, drilling, or numbness, Laser Dentistry may be the right choice.

Laser dentistry is one of dentistry’s latest advances. "LASER" is an acronym formed out of initials of "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emmision of Radiation" The laser delivers energy in the form of light. Depending on the intended result, this energy travels at different wavelengths and is absorbed by a "target." In dentistry, these targets can be enamel, decay, gum tissue, or whitening enhancers. Each one absorbs a different wavelength of light while reflecting others. Laser dentistry can be used for both tooth and soft tissue related procedures. Oftentimes no local anesthesia is required. Unlike with the dental drill, with laser dentistry there is no heat or vibration, making the procedure quite comfortable for most patients. For soft tissue (surgical) procedures it eliminates the need for suturing and healing is much faster.

Lasers can be used to diagnose cavities. They can find hidden decay in teeth in early stages, and in some cases the decay can be reversed through laser irradiation, hygiene and fluoride treatment and may never need filling.

Dental lasers have been shown to be safe and effective for treating both children and adults.

  • Crown lengthening
  • Gingivectomy
  • Periodontal laser surgery
  • Root canals
  • Apicoectomies
  • Frenectomiy (tongue-tie release) with only topical anesthesia and no sutures.

In our office two lasers became indispensable tools. One of them is CO2 laser that is used on soft tissues. It is painless, has wonderful ability to stop bleeding , sterilizing effect on wounds and considerably reduces healing time. The other laser that we use in our office is Er-YAG laser. It’s ability to absorb water makes this laser very effective for painless(no-shot) cavity preparation, cosmetic gum surgery(virtually bloodless), various canker sore treatments(with dramatic reduction of pain and healing time), cleaning of a root canals and conservative periodontal surgery. It is the future of dentistry-today!

Case 1:



Case 1 Image 1 Case 1 Image 2

Laser cavity preparation

Tooth filled with micro-hybrid composite

Case 2:



Case 2 Before Case 2 After

Carious cavity in 30

Tooth 30 filled with flowable composite

Case 3:

Case 3 Before Case 3 After Image #1 Case 3 After Image #2

Smile before treatment

Laser Crown Lengthening tooth 7

Smile after Laser Crown lengthening and Ceramic veneer #7