Dr. Gene Sheinkman has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years.

His approach to medicine/dentistry is to treat the patient as a whole, meaning that he not only focuses on your oral health, but he also takes into account your comfort, emotional wellbeing, and overall health. Dr. Sheinkman spares no effort to make the process of treating his patients completely painless and comfortable. N2O (Laughing gas) offered to patients with higher fear of dental procedures.

Considerable time is devoted educating his patients on preventative care and maintenance of dental health.

Early diagnosis is the key to a minimally invasive, painless dental treatment. Dr Sheinkman utilizes the latest technologies, such as digital x-rays and dental lasers. With these tools plus the addition of modern composites, he can promptly diagnose and treat the full range of oral pathology.

Many patients, like you, are interested in complete mouth rehabilitation including aesthetic dentistry. These complex procedures require your dentist to be up-to-date on the newest research, tools, and techniques. Dr. Sheinkman makes it a priority to remain at the forefront through continuing education courses (over 1000 hours) in diverse areas of dentistry like periodontal (gum) disease, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, implant dentistry, and tooth realignment (Invisalign). Complete mouth rehabilitation requires considerable ability to integrate various dental disciplines to accomplish successful outcome. Dr.Sheinkman considers Dentistry as an art and as a science.

If you would like to experience painless, minimally invasive procedures using the latest technologies with a doctor who focuses on preventative maintenance please see our contact page and arrange a consultation with Dr. Sheinkman today!

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